The Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute (TBSI) is a world-renowned training program in Toronto for advanced students and professional musicians in instrumental and vocal baroque performance practice, led by some of the finest musicians in the field. Since its inception in 2002, TBSI has attracted talented musicians from far and wide.

Following the success of the virtual 2021 TBSI (with 80 participants from 5 continents), and given the ongoing uncertainties around COVID, the 2022 TBSI will once again be held virtually. The program will include daily masterclasses, workshops, lectures, and concerts, exploring the rich repertoire of the baroque, and the performance practices of then and now.

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The application deadline for TBSI 2022 has passed, but there are still places available in some of the classes. Contact tbsi@tafelmusik for more information. Click here to submit a late application for consideration.

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TBSI participants performing all together on a dark stage.

I have never felt so well-informed, encouraged, and inspired as a musician in my life.

TBSI participant

June 6-12, 2022

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The TBSI faculty is drawn from the members of Tafelmusik, with a few invited guests with whom we have worked extensively. The experience of years of performing together enhances our teaching — and the opportunity to teach together enriches our performances. Please scroll below to see the full list of this year’s faculty members.

The Instrumental Program includes the following activities:

  • Daily masterclasses for each instrument (with a limited number of participants per class to maximize time with faculty members)
  • Daily talks on performance practice
  • Technique classes for strings & winds
  • Continuo classes for harpsichordists & lutenists/guitarists
  • Performance workshops (last year’s workshops included improvising preludes and playing divisions; this year’s workshops are TBA)
  • Treatise study
  • Discussion of music resources
  • Viewing of filmed Tafelmusik concerts

The program is open to advanced students and professional musicians, as follows:

  • Players of period instruments (flute, oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, bass, harpsichord, and lute/guitar)
  • Players with limited experience on period instruments. Note that wind, lute/guitar, and harpsichord players with limited experience must have access to and basic comfort with a period instrument.
  • Players of modern flute, oboe, and bassoon joining us to study baroque style on their modern instruments (limited spaces).
  • String players: We may be able to arrange a loan of a baroque bow, and in some cases an instrument, for those near Toronto who are new to period instruments. We will also do our best to advise sources for loans for those joining us from elsewhere. If using your modern instrument, you will need to re-tune to a’=415, and should consider using gut for the higher strings (details on procuring gut strings will be provided). [Note that you may audition on your modern instrument, in modern set-up.]

Note that the availability of specific instrumental programs is subject to sufficient enrolment.

NEWMentorship Program for instrumentalists

We have a limited number of spaces available to welcome younger music students with a keen interest in historically informed performance on modern or period instruments. The program combines auditing of masterclasses, lectures, and workshops with two private lessons with a faculty member. We offer individualized guidance as to which sessions might be most interesting to attend, and can arrange the lesson schedule to accommodate the student’s school schedule. Suggested age is 16-19, but others will be considered on an individual basis. Applicants to this program are required to submit audition recordings (see Application Process for details).

For information about auditing TBSI, please visit our Auditors section below. We welcome all auditors.

The Vocal Program is designed to offer advanced voice students and pre-professional and professional singers in-depth study of baroque vocal performance practice and repertoire. Our virtual voice program will be taught by the American baritone William Sharp. William taught at TBSI in 2018, and has taught at the American Bach Soloists Academy for several years. We’re delighted to have him back!

We will customize the daily schedule to the participant cohort. Below is the working list of planned activities for the program:

  • Masterclasses with William Sharp twice daily (morning/afternoon)
  • Daily talks on performance practice
  • Treatise study
  • Discussion of music resources
  • Viewing of filmed Tafelmusik concerts

Please note, this program is subject to sufficient enrolment.

For information about auditing TBSI, please visit our Auditors section below. We welcome all auditors.

The application deadline for TBSI 2022 has passed, but there are still places available in some of the classes. Contact tbsi@tafelmusik for more information.

Click here to submit a late application for consideration.

Note that you will be required to attach a CV to the application form, so plan to prepare that in advance.

Applicants are also required to submit an audition recording (video for strings; video or audio for vocalists, winds, lute/guitar, and harpsichord). Please include two contrasting baroque works. You may submit a recording with or without accompaniment.

Instructions for audio/video recording submissions

Submit files to Tafelmusik’s OneDrive, or email a link to YouTube videos or similar. Please ensure that your files or links include your name, the name of the composer/piece being submitted, and the date the recording was made.

Auditors are welcome to register to sit in on virtual TBSI masterclasses, lectures, and other activities. All are welcome.

The auditor’s fee of $195 CAD gives you access to all TBSI sessions for the entire week: you may attend as many or as few as you wish. We are unable to offer single classes at a reduced fee due to technological constraints.

Complete the registration form here. Registration deadline is June 1, 2022.

TBSI 2022 Fees 

Full participants
$355 CAD

$195 CAD

Mentorship program for instrumentalists
$275 CAD

International applicants should note that the Canadian dollar is distinct from the US dollar. Check today’s exchange rate here.


Administrative Coordinator: Kaitlin Saito
Artistic Coordinator: Charlotte Nediger

Phone: 1 (833) 964-6337

Please note: due to the pandemic, all Tafelmusik staff continue to work remotely. Voicemail is monitored and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Virtual TBSI 2021

“I honestly don’t know how you’ve managed to make such a big course with so many participants run so smoothly via Zoom! Moreover, you’ve helped create a sense of community that I thought impossible through digital means. And thank you also for making so many resources accessible to all of us!”
Julia Hernández Sánchez (violin 2021; Delft, Netherlands)

“I wanted to send a note of thanks to you and the TBSI faculty for the exemplary week you offered us in June. I was so pleased to have been included and I learned heaps and heaps. The dedication to scholarship and depth of knowledge of the faculty was so inspiring and motivating. I hope to meet you all again in person someday soon.”
Andrea Neumann (violin 2021; Calgary, AB)

“After a very difficult pandemic year I am ending this week together feeling more energized than I have in a long time. Thank you Peter [Harvey] and thanks everyone else for being such inspiring colleagues!”
Steven Brennfleck (tenor 2021; Austin, TX)

“I’ve been wanting to attend TBSI for several years, but travel and other factors have made it impossible—until it became virtual. The teaching and organization of the week were top notch, and I had an incredible experience. I was so happy I could have the experiences I did all from my living room. Thank you for offering TBSI virtually this year!”
Caitlin Smith (violin 2021; Minneapolis, MN)

TBSI pre-2021

“Being at the onset of a professional career can be very challenging for young musicians like myself, so opportunities like TBSI are invaluable. This program is really one-of-a-kind, offering the widest variety of historical performance. There were countless inspiring moments during the past two weeks: the all-star Tafelmusik faculty, passionate guest lecturers, and other young musicians. Learning so much in such a short space of time was (positively) overwhelming at times, and I’m very fond of all the experience, knowledge, and connections I’ll bring back to Dublin with me.”
Miriam Kaczor (flute 2019 / Szczecin, Poland /Dublin, Ireland)

“I will be departing Toronto full of inspiration from all of the incredible faculty and participants. I look forward to sharing this energy with my fellow musicians and audiences when I return to my hometown of Seattle.”
Cyrus Roat (bassoon 2019 / Seattle, WA)

“It was both an honor and a pleasure to work with such talented and knowledgeable colleagues and mentors. I really had a blast (a very busy one, but a blast nonetheless) studying and performing the delightful repertoire that was selected for us. I especially and thouroughly enjoyed the vast versatility I was allowed to give to my singing (from solo through big choir), which is not something that`s encouraged in every program.”
José Gabriel Sanchez (tenor 2018 / Mendoza, Argentina)

“The openness from the staff, faculty, and participants was amazing. Everyone seemed really positive and there to learn, which is not always the case at other institutes. I also loved how much we all moved around and had opportunities to lead and follow.”
Lindsie Katz (Violin 2018 / Boulder, CO)

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you once again for the incredible experience that was TBSI. I cannot express how transformative the past two weeks have been. The level of instruction and performance opportunities are unparalleled. I have always enjoyed early music and often get hired to sing it, but coming to TBSI has confirmed my desire and need to pursue a career in this style of music. Thank you for your passion, wisdom, and inspiration.”Adam Dyjach (tenor 2017 / Victoria, BC)

“The intensity of experience – playing solo, orchestral, and chamber music all in the course of two weeks – is unique and exhilarating. The faculty is amazing, and the level of organization really stood out. All members of staff were consistently enthusiastic, positive, and extremely helpful. The course of the two weeks has had a profound influence on me, and oriented my aspirations to early music.”
Adrian Ross (harpsichord 2017 / Toronto, ON)

“We improve really quickly due to the positivity of every member of the faculty and staff. Best possible social atmosphere to have. It feels like a family.”
William Foy (violin 2017 / Québec, QC)

“I think the best thing for me was to play so much great music with all these amazing people from all over the world. It’s really an awesome program!”
Qiao Chu (harpsichord 2017 / Beijing, China)

“I heartily encourage any musician at any stage of their student or professional life to consider applying: you can’t see on paper just the breadth and depth of education that you get here. Never before have I felt so challenged, so inspired, and so incredibly and overwhelmingly thrilled by learning and by making music. I leave TBSI with renewed confidence and passion, amplified vision, and new-found inspiration.”
Ashleigh Geiger (cello 2015 / Adelaide, Australia)

“I have never felt so well-informed, encouraged, and inspired as a musician in my life.”
Justin Luchinski (harpsichord 2015 / Montréal, QC)

“Thank you for an incredible TBSI experience—I am a changed musician.”
Jessica Foot (oboe 2015 / Melbourne, Australia)

“The program is so jam-packed that you can’t leave here without feeling you just got a huge boost! Please continue to organize this fabulous course as it fills such an important niche in Canada.”
Wilma van Berkel (theorbo 2012 / Guitar instructor, Western University)

“Handel masterclass with Ann Monoyios: simply brilliant! Ornamenting is SO AWESOME.”
“HOLY CRAP—sitting and singing RIGHT NEXT to Peter Harvey at Grace Church!!! I’m the luckiest baritone EVER!”
Keith Lam (Baritone 2011 / Toronto, ON)

“One of the best experiences of my life.”
Agustin Orcha Mata (double bass 2013 / Jaén, Spain)

“I have attended a number of different summer music programs. While all of them have been beneficial, this has been the most complex and the most smoothly run, besides being extremely informative and inspiring.”
Nancy Hennen (flute 2012 / Flute instructor, Brandon University)

“This was my first time playing baroque oboe, although I have been studying modern oboe for a long time. The Tafelmusik oboists, John and Marco, are artists of the first rank and I could not have asked for a better start anywhere.”
Daniel Waldron (oboe 2010 / Toronto, ON)

“I enjoyed how holistic the program is – how we learn not just about the music itself and the practical aspects of playing it, but also about the era and its aesthetic. I have learned more about baroque music than I realized I didn’t know!”
Eleanor Verrette (viola 2012 / Toronto, ON)

“Lesson with Ann was incredible. Staff and instructors so encouraging, understanding, and loving. Finally understanding and then ‘nailing’ the Gesualdo was the best feeling ever. Ivars = Amazing.”
Katie Cross (soprano 2011 / Toronto, ON)

“Being completely immersed in the baroque style for two weeks taught me more than I’ve learned in five years of music study. The singers you picked were all incredible people and musicians, and working with them every day was a pleasure. Being able to sing such challenging music in so many different ensembles was occasionally overwhelming, but oh-so-rewarding and very often thrilling.”
Jennifer Krabbe (soprano 2011 / North Bay, ON)

“I felt completely comfortable yet motivated in this intense/relaxed atmosphere. I always felt encouraged, never felt undermined. This is the best program I have attended, incredibly organized and so much fun! My approach to music has changed and my love for music is revived!”
Michelle Odorico (violin 2012 / Pickering, ON)

Faculty 2022

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Lucas Harris, lute

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