Tafelmusik strives to provide excellent customer service, and we recognize current circumstances, with specific regard to digital performances, can create new challenges for our audience.

We’ve developed this guide, which provides tips and best practices on how to optimize your digital experience.

Here’s what our Box Office can help you with:

  • Help you purchase a ticket, subscription, or gift
  • Become a member or make a donation
  • Make sure your records are accurate or update your information
  • Inform you of upcoming Tafelmusik events
  • Help you navigate our website
  • Help you find your concert access information including your link and password
  • Receive your feedback or otherwise direct your query
  • Assist with accessibility concerns

Tafelmusik cannot provide technical expertise or personalized troubleshooting for computer or media setup in homes. Tafelmusik is not responsible for matters beyond our control, including but not limited to:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Issues casting from one device to another
  • Web browser-related challenges

We recommend you explore our How to Access page, and the many resources available online to ensure your ideal experience. This may include seeking the advice of seasoned audio/video specialists.

Refunds or exchanges will not be available in matters beyond Tafelmusik’s control.  If Tafelmusik is unable to deliver the concert or event in a fashion deemed internally satisfactory, patrons will be contacted and informed of your options.

Box Office hours of operation are:

  • Monday–Friday 9am–5pm ET
  • Concert or event dates: 9am-9pm ET (closing hours dependent on concert or event duration)