On August 29, 2020, people from around the globe came together to celebrate and participate in Play Music On The Porch Day. From a porch in Toronto's Palmerston neighbourhood, Tafelmusik members Crisitna Zacharias, Brandon Chui, and frequent Tafelmusik collaborator Felix Deak took part: playing a variety of baroque pieces for neighbours and passers-by to hear and enjoy.

Music On The Porch Day was founded in 2013, by Brian Mallman, who started with a simple idea: “What if for one day everything stopped…and we all just listened to the music?” By 2018, the initiative had grown to include thousands of musicians, from at least 70 countries and over 700 cities. This year’s Porch Day felt more important, and needed, than ever. 

Learn more about this initiative at playmusicontheporchday.comor visit the hashtag #PlayMusicOnThePorchDay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.