Marco Libretti is a digital content producer and Director of Photography. Originally from Milan, Italy, he moved to Toronto in 2012. Our Fall and Winter Digital Seasons features Libretti’s work—most recently, for our Il Seicento concert. Get to know more about the man behind the camera with our Q&A below.

Studio portrait of Marco Libretti, young gentle with a salt and pepper beard, wearing a red and black checkered shirt, against a dark grey background. Photo by Candace Cosentino.

Tafelmusik: How did you get started in film production?

Marco Libretti: I’m driven by curiosity and a need for exploration. Filmmaking allows me to have very special access to new experiences and connections with passionate and creative people.

TM: How did you meet Elisa Citterio, our Music Director?

ML: I worked with Elisa on a short concert for the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Toronto last summer. We immediately clicked, and she asked me to curate some of the video production for this season’s programs.

TM: What projects have you worked on with Tafelmusik? Which one has been your favourite and why?

ML: Every project is near and dear to my heart. So far, for Tafelmusik, I have worked on three concerts: Passions of the SoulRe-Tuned, and most recently, Divertimento. Currently, I am working on Tafelmusik’s next concert, Il Seiciento.

Passions of the Soul allowed me and the film crew to get to know the musicians, see how they work artistically, and help them bring their music to life.

Back stage view of the Passions of the Soul concert, with music equipment, musicians, production crew, camera equipment and a large light in the background.
Behind the scenes of Passions of the Soul, October 2020.

TM: How has working in a pandemic changed your day to day procedures?

ML: Ironically, this pandemic pushed more musicians and performers towards capturing their art with the help of filmmakers like myself. On the flip side, connecting with and meeting new people (in person) became even more challenging, if not sometimes impossible.

TM: What is one thing that you would like people to know about film production, and what it takes to create a concert?

ML: The filmmaking industry has always been a rollercoaster. Ups and downs are the norm; a positive attitude and luck are definitely more important than talent. I’d say that above all, listening and planning are the key to a successful end product.

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Image credit: Portrait by Candace Cosentino • Behind the scenes by David Costello