Tafelmusik welcomes all audience members. We are committed to equal access and to creating a safe environment conducive to sharing in the beauty and joy of music.

Patron experience is among our highest priorities and we’ve established this code so that all may enjoy the benefits of our orchestra and choir. This code is intended to protect the safety and dignity of everyone who shares in our space, and you’re encouraged to respect it. Please bring any concerns you may have to Tafelmusik or venue staff, and do not try to enforce this code with others yourself.

  1. Respect the rights of everyone, including other patrons and staff.
  2. We expect patrons to speak to each other with respect and kindness. No one should be harassed because of their race, colour, gender, gender expression, national origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation or neurological condition. Violence, discriminatory, harassing, offensive or abusive language and conduct is unacceptable.
  3. Mobility devices, service animals, and other accessibility aides are welcome, and should not be interfered with by others.
  4. Our spaces are intended for the enjoyment of music and patrons are expected to ensure their behaviour doesn’t disrupt others. We recognize some acceptable behaviours may be considered disruptive in the concert hall, and patrons are asked to bring their concerns to Tafelmusik or venue staff.
  5. Please respect others with sensitivities to scent and limit your use of scents.
  6. Everyone has the right to use a washroom that corresponds to their expressed gender identity, regardless of their sex assigned at birth.
  7. Interference with Tafelmusik or venue staff and performers in the performance of their duties or to obstruct or disrupt other patrons’ reasonable enjoyment is not permitted.
  8. Distributing or sharing Tafelmusik material is not permitted unless authorized, including but not limited to digital access to concerts and events.
  9. Flash photography and video recording are not permitted during performances.
  10. Tafelmusik performs in many places: please respect the rules and regulations of the venue where the performance is happening.

All reported violations will be reviewed and considered by Tafelmusik and venue staff before any action is taken.

For more information, please email feedback@tafelmusik.org or call 1 (833) 964-6337.