Much like our own era, the early 17th-century was a watershed moment in European history. The air was rife with radical developments in technology, science, and trade which ushered in a new age.

Music also saw sweeping changes, among them the rise of virtuoso instrumentalists and music written for them in the stylus fantasticus. Originating in Italy, this “fantastic style” featured unfettered improvisations, dramatic contrasts, and the passionate give-and-take of friends in musical conversation. Travelling musicians carried this experimental style across the Alps into Austria and Germany, where it found fertile soil in the imaginations of native German composers. 

Known for her “raw energy” and her “dazzling, robust, and edgy” performance style (Musicweb International), Spanish violinist and guest director Lina Tur Bonet is a perfect fit for a program reflecting a dynamic and unpredictable cultural climate. 

Directed by Lina Tur Bonet, violin 

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Running Time
2 hours
Style of Music
Baroque (instrumental)

Jeanne Lamon Hall, Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre

February 2, 2024 8:00 pm
February 3, 2024 8:00 pm
February 4, 2024 3:00 pm

Lina Tur Bonet

Guest Director & violinist

Regarded as one of today’s most interesting, exciting and innovative violinists, Lina Tur Bonet is sought after by ensembles across Europe. A native of Ibiza, Spain, she founded MUSIca ALcheMIca, an ensemble that has performed across Europe, the Americas, and Japan with a multidisciplinary approach that has included projects with poet Antonio Colinas (La tumba negra, a tribute to J.S. Bach), and performances in museums and other unusual venues in collaboration with video artists, actors, dancers, photographers, goldsmiths, filmmakers, and puppeteers. With the ensemble she has released eight award-winning CDs of music by Jacquet de la Guerre, Biber, Corelli, and Bartok. Other recent records include a CD of Vivaldi concertos, a duo CD with renowned violinist Enrico Onofri, and La Bellezza, a selection of Italian, Austrian and German 17th-century music. 

Lina Tur Bonet is professor of baroque violin and viola at University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar, and associate professor in the historical performance program at Madrid’s Reina Sofía School of Music. 


Directed by Lina Tur Bonet


Castello Sonata 16
Capricornus Sonata a 8
Bertali Sonata a 3
Bertali Sonata a 6 “1,000 Gulden”
Schmeltzer Serenata con altre arie
Schmeltzer Sonata a 4
Falconieri Folias
Biber Battalia
Marini “L’Aguzzona” from Affetti musicali
Picchi Canzona 17 a 2 chori
Westhoff “Imitazione del liuto” from Sonata 2
Weichlein Sonata 3 from Encaenia musices

Lina Tur Bonet playing violin

Meet Lina

Known as the “Kate Bush of early music” and “the Jimi Hendrix of the baroque violin,” get to know Lina Tur Bonet in our latest interview.

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