“There’s determined beauty to their sweetly rich, gently vibrating sound … precision and poetry comes wonderfully together.” —Gramophone

“They were, in essence, dancing a tango for us there onstage … a violinist bops to the music like a go-go dancer on roller blades while cellists play solos like Dizzy Gillespie, riffing like Hendrix, fingers flying like Jimmy Page.” —The Wholenote

“Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra is a testament to what hard work and dedication to art and scholarship can do over time. This is a world-class period instrument ensemble … the playing is superb.”
—Ludwig van Toronto

“Tafelmusik’s extensive musical range, depth of insight in historical performance, diversity in repertoire, and skill in execution knows no bounds. They can do what other Canadian ensembles do not and dare not. Having amassed a devoted and fascinated following, they enjoy the freedom of performing whatever they wish.”— Toronto Concert Reviews

“The performance was spirited and flawless … visually sumptuous and musically stunning, this was another outstanding production from Tafelmusik” —Sounds Like Sydney.

“We are fortunate to have ensembles such as Tafelmusik here in Toronto, consistently delivering delightful and excellent interpretations. It is rare to hear a live performance that is virtually flawless from beginning to end, but that is what we were treated to.” —The Wholenote

“Tafelmusik’s agile ensemble assumes a multiplicity of voices, gloriously emotive. The quality of instrumental harmony graphically on display here is extraordinary.” —Opera Going Toronto

“The fine shaping of this complex music at his [Ivars Taurins’] hands was awe-inspiring … The beauty of his approach was that the details were are all worked out with tremendous care, but the larger sweep of each movement was rendered to sweep the listener along … one of the great choral presentations of the season in Toronto.” —Toronto Star

 “They bring to everything they play an elegance, insight and nobility of tone and made this … concert an event to cherish. I cannot readily recall experiencing so satisfying a presentation in a long time.” — The West Australian